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[BETA] Notion Content Calendar Template

[BETA] Notion Content Calendar Template

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Here’s what’s included in my Notion Content Calendar in case you’re not sure if it’s for you:

  • Content Dashboard: An overview of your posts for the week and your associated tasks for the week.
  • Content Planner: Your main content calendar, this is where you can map out your content for the month be it for Instagram, TikTok, your podcast, newsletter, or more!
  • Content Task Planner: Once you create your content projects, you can automate tasks for each one, which you can then organize in the Content Task Planner.
  • Post Templates: I’ve created templates for posts including IG reels, carousel posts, standard posts, Tiktoks, Youtube videos, Youtube Shorts, Newsletter, Podcasts and more! Honestly every type of content post you can think of, i’ve included a template for.
  • Content Tracker: The Notion Content Calendar tracks how many types of posts you've done this week compared to last week. It also tracks how many posts hit your different content pillars.
  • Master Shot List: As you script and outline your video content (horizontal or vertical), my Notion template compiles all your shots in the background so you can have all your shots ready for the day.
  • Analytics: After you successfully post, you can track basic analytics for your content so you can track performance and iterate the next week.
  • Content Idea Bank: Write down all your good ideas throughout the week and then come back and put them on the calendar later!

If you have any questions about beta testing, please feel free to hit reply and I’ll be sure to get back to you!

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